Marriage & nikah services

Marriage and nikah services at Bilal Masjid

Bilal Masjid Trust (Greenford) is registered to conduct civil and Islamic marriages.

Alhamdulillah Bilal Masjid provides the nikkah service to our community. It can be arranged with an appointment with Imam through office. Please note the following;

We need the following documents and information before Nikah:

  • Passport or Driving Licence – we need your passport or driving license as a photo ID.

  • Proof of Address – we need your current utility bill or bank statement as a proof of address

  • Date of Nikah

  • Preferred Time – We will do our best to meet preferred times (Imam’s availability), however, there will be occasions when this may not be possible

  • Birth Certificates – For the Bride and Bridegroom. If names have changed the Original copy of the Deed Poll

  • Divorcees – Decree Absolute & Talaq Documents in accordance with Islamic Sharia

  • Widow/Widower – Former spouses death certificate

Court Marriages: We advise all couples to register their marriage at the Marriage registration office (Civic center, Brent, Ealing or Harrow) first before Nikah. For further details please contact Office.

Nikah services charges:

Venue: Bilal Masjid - £200

Other Venue within 3 miles Radius: £250

Nikah Registrar:

(Urdu) Mufti Abdul Wahab to read a Nikah, please contact his team on 07927770439 through text or phone call”

(Urdu) Imam Ghulam Patel

(English) Imam Asjad Rahman


The Bilal Masjid Trust (Greenford) will ONLY issue one original certificates by the end of the Nikah ceremony, which should be kept in a safe place for any future reference. Please note that the Centre will not issue any more original copies, but instead will provide certified copies at a charge.

For non-UK Residents, Muslim brides and/ or bridegrooms who have dual nationality are advised to consult their respective embassies or the FCO office to comply with any regulations and/or requirements of their home country, whilst entering into a marriage contract in the UK.

Please Note that an Islamic marriage (Nikah) is not recognised as a legal marriage in the UK.

Islamic marriages (Nikah) carried out/conducted in the UK are not recognised as marriages within the laws of England and Wales. The Bilal Masjid Trust (Greenford) strongly recommend and encourage all Muslim couples who have either had/or are planning to have an Islamic Marriage in the UK MUST have a civil registry conducted by their local Registry Office, so that their marriage will be recognised and they will be afforded marriage rights under the laws of England and Wales.

Please fill Nikah form before you come for Nikah Ceremony.

*This is Mandatory for you to fill the Nikah form and provide one proof of ID for Groom and Bride.