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Sunday 1 December 2019 at 11:00

Last Updated: 1 Dec 2019

Bilal Masjid holds AGM every year in compliance with legal requirements of charity commission. This meeting is open for all "paid members" of Bilal Masjid.


You can become paid member if you fulfill the conditions as mentioned in the Membership Renewal Notice below. This essentially means by filling in the membership form once and paying the membership fees (£20 per anum). Membership is a legal requirement of the charity commission as mentioned in the constitution. A copy of the constitution is available at request from the office.

The membership gives you the right to serve the house of Allah. Additionally it gives you are right:

  • to have your say in the running in the masjid

  • to put yourself forward for consideration for management committee member

Elections take place every 3 years, next round will be next year (2020).

The criteria for membership is mentioned in the Membership Renewal Notice below.

Membership Fees

Membership fees is £20 per anum. This needs to be paid every year before the AGM. Kindly pay the membership in the office and obtain a receipt.

Automatic Renewal

Your membership can be automatically renewed every year if you fulfill the following conditions:

  1. You are an existing member

  2. You donate to the masjid via a current standing order and the amount of annual donation exceeds the membership subscription fees

  3. Continue to fulfill the other criteria (live in the 3 mile radius)


Membership Renewal Notice

Membership Form

AGM Survey

This year we have arranged a quick survey to collect public opinion about our performance and future priorities. Kindly send your survey.


Fill it online

To start filling the form online kindly click on the form above. This is the preferred option as it will allow us to compile the data more efficiently.

After filling it kindly submit it in the masjid. There is a box available inside the masjid to post the form. You may also hand it in to Imam sahib.