Eid ul Fitr 2022


  1. DATE: Monday 2nd May 2022

  2. VENUE: 1st Eid prayers will be conducted inside the masjid. 2nd will be in Horsenden Hill Park

  3. ENTRY: There will be 2 Salahs as per following times. The entry to the masjid will be on FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. Once the full capacity of the masjid is filled up we will shut the doors. Kindly queue up patiently for the next Salah.

  4. PARKING: We have arranged parking at the Berkley Avenue Car Park from 7 am to 11 am. Kindly park properly and do not cause trouble to the neighbors. Do not park in front of driveways and in private parking locations without explicit permission.

  5. SOPs: As usual come in Wudu, bring your prayer mat and shoe bags.

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