Bilal Masjid Greenford

Masjid will be opening From Saturday for Only Zuhar Jamat for one week. (Subject to heath and safety measures)

Other Jamat timings will be confirmed later

Opening timing is from 1 pm to 2 pm for Zuhar Jamat

There will be 2 JUMAH Salah next week in Shaa Allah. 1st Jummah 1.20 & 2nd Jummah 1.50.

Everyone need to book in advance with our online booking form. Click here to register

Bilal Masjid Trust

82-86 Horsenden Lane North, Greenford,UB6 7QH. ☎ 020 3489 5589 | ☎ 075 6307 0985

Jummah Salah Online Registration

The government has partially lifted restrictions on places of worship to allow “Congregation prayers” from 4th July 2020 with the limit of 30 people. We were preparing and and was liaising with other mosques and Muslim organisations across London and throughout the UK.

All attendees need to register online for Jummah Salah

All attendees must follow SOP in order to get access to the prayer halls. All procedures are detailed on Re-opening page of our website. Please visit and familiarise your self with the SOP.

Media Updates

Friday Information

First Jumah 13:20 / Second Jumah 13:50

Regular Events

Hayatus Sahabah

Please stay after Esha on Wednesdays and learn about the lives of the Sahabah (Companions of our Beloved Messenger Muhammad صل الله عليه وسلم ).

Darse Quran

Want to know the meanings of the Quran?

Every day after fajr, an English translation of what was read during the fajr will commence.