Covid-19 Reopening

Alhumdullilah Bilal Masjid is Opening from Monday 29th June 2020 for individual prayers only

Timing: 2 pm to 3 pm. For congregational prayers please keep visiting website for announcements

Please follow SOP as mentioned below

  • All worshippers must perform ablution at home

  • Bring your own prayer mat to the mosque

  • Mosque Wadhu facility will be closed for safety purposes

  • Face mask is compulsory and wear them before entering

  • Use hand Sanitize provided on the entrance before entering the masjid

  • Please bring carrying bags for your shoes to keep it with you. Shoes stands will not be functional to avoid unnecessary contacting.

    • Gathering inside or outside mosque after prayers is not allowed

    • All worshippers are requested to perform prayers and leave the masjid as soon as possible

    • Perform Sunnah and Nawafil at home.

  • Those with chronic diseases

  • senior citizens of 70 years and above

  • Children under 12 years are not allowed for prayers at the mosque

How to visit Bilal Masjid

Entrance is from Double doors

One Way system in place. Please enter one by one keep the distance

Put your shoes in the disposable bags and use hand sanitizer provided

Please keep your shoes with you as we are following one way system. Exit is closed on the entrance door

Please stand on the marking laid out

Quran Cupboards are closed so please bring your Quran if you want to read in 1 hour slot

Please read the notices as you visit the masjid to familiarise yourself with SOP in place

Contractless donation system are in place. Please donate generously.

We lost approx 3 months of donation during lock down.

Use Bin dedicated for only disposal of PPE used

Both exit points are marked with red signage. Please use both doors to avoid blockage

There will be no toilet facilities available

Rear Partition of the masjid is closed. Please do not access

We are working with security officers and other associated organisation to keep the enviroment of the masjid as safe as possible. Please follow the SOP to keep the system in running of the masjid.