Jum'ah Salah

Please follow SOPs. Elders above 70 are not advised in places of worship as per Government guidelines.
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Jum'ah Prayer Registration is Changing

Jumah attendance procedure is changing a little from the next Jumah (Friday 14 August 2020). All attendance will become strictly booking only.


Please understand that this is due to the track and trace requirements imposed by the authorities. We are required to know exactly who attended at any day. This allows critical information to be sent quickly to those who may be affected in the event of a positive report of COVID-19 in the congregation.

This is not ideal and we do understand it will cause concern among our attendees but the situation is not in our control. Kindly cooperate with this policy. It is for your own benefit.

To make things more workable we have added more seats/tickets. The capacity has been increased from 40 to 100 for each of the first and second salah. Also note new bookings will automatically be made available at 12:30pm on every Monday. This information is publicised so it is fair for everyone and gives opportunity for everyone to attend first booked first served policy.

Furthermore from the coming Friday anyone who has a booking must be present on the door 10 minutes before the salah time or the booking will become void. If there are any queuing attendees they will have to fill a form with all the information that we normally collect in the online booking before they will be offered an empty seat.

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Bilal Masjid Greenford invites you to join us for Jum'ah Salah


Jum'ah Salah Venue: Bilal Masjid


Please park appropriately at arranged parking places shown in the map


  • 1st Jum'ah Salah: 1.20 pm (Imam Asjad)

  • 2nd Jum'ah Salah: 1.50 pm (Hafiz Anas)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

Social Distancing procedures will take place. Please respect the guidelines given by the Masjid and its volunteers.

Everyone is requested to bring:

  • Prayer Mats - no ground sheet is arranged

  • Masks - wearing masks is required

  • Shoe Bags - keep your shoes with you


  1. Age restrictions: This event is open to people below 70. Over 70 and children below 12 are not encouraged to attend.

  2. For 1st Salah we can keep your space till 1.10 thereafter we can give your space to those waiting outside and for 2nd Salah 1.40.

  3. Strict Social Distancing: Please remember to observe COVID-19 guidance from the government and listen to the instructions from our stewards.